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The Murphy's


Darin at 50

This is ME, Darin, a Tacoma Fire Fighter,
and general computer nerd.

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The Girls

These are the four daughters: Sarah, Emily, Melissa, and Jennifer.

Peace Smurfy Sarah is happily married to Greg Urquhart. She plays French Horn, Trumpet, Bass Guitar, Piano, and Drums. Sarah has two wonderful children Kristopher and Allie. Sarah Smiles
DSC00746.JPG (318939 bytes) Emily plays piano and is a United States Marine.  Emily graduated USMC Boot Camp on November 23rd, 2000.  She has served in Okinawa Japan, Kuwait, Camp Pendleton California, Korea and retired in 2009.  She has a beautiful daughter Chloe who was born in 2007. She is currently attending business school in Tacoma. DSC03693.JPG (670932 bytes)
Melissa Melissa is married to Robert Vuilet.  They have recently moved into their first Condo in Kenmore, WA. They both enjoy technology, she plays the trombone, and has been working for Pawn-Exchange since 2004. She drives a cool Ford. Melissa Smiles
Jenny Jennifer would love to be an actress. She enjoys entertaining her friends and family and she has one of the most tender hearts in the world. She works for Star Security in Lakewood, Tacoma and Seattle. DSC00216.JPG (27694 bytes)

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