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Where I Work

I work for the City of Tacoma as a full time Firefighter! I began in February of 1983, and now I in charge of Ladder 3, A Shift, at Fire Station 9, located on 6th Avenue near Union Street in Tacoma

I used to drive Ladder Truck 3, on B Shift, when it was located at Fire Station 13, at North 25th and Proctor.

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) Emergency Calls

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) Tacoma Fallen Firefighters Memorial

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) Ladder Company 3

Ladder Company 3 is located at Fire Station 9, on 6th Ave and Puget Sound Street in Tacoma.

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) High Angle Rescue

From time to time we need to rescue people who are stuck on a cliff, high bank, or some other hard to reach place, so we practice a lot of different rope rescue methods.

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Because we are called to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to perform rescue work, from auto accidents to attempted suicides, we have spend time getting familiar with the bridge from top to bottom.

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) Engine Company 13

Engine Company 13 is also located at Fire Station 13, North 25th and Proctor in Tacoma.

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) Pictures of Station 13

These are pictures of Station 13 from 1911 to the present.

bullet.gif (1030 bytes) And the People who work here

Here are some assorted pictures of some of the fire fighters who have been unlucky enough to step in front of the camera!

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