Second Sunday Steel Shooting Social Society

Here are some pictures from past matches 

Most of these pictures are from our Annual Championship match, held in July.   Click on any picture to expand it.

Don & Teddy (Poppers).jpg (10316 bytes) Steve & Bob (Plates).jpg (10869 bytes)  Eddie Roundabout.JPG (25693 bytes) Micah Salkind 2.jpg (16352 bytes)

Here is a look at some of the stages, both head to head and single competition.

Darin Post.JPG (23494 bytes) Sam Johnson.JPG (22670 bytes) Race Gun.jpg (21359 bytes) Roger & Teddy.jpg (21253 bytes) Roger & Teddy Shooting.jpg (21458 bytes) Bob Wells shooting revolver

Some competitors (Darin Murphy, Sam Johnson, Mikah Saulkind, Roger and Teddi Edington, and Bob Wells)

Team Event.jpg (11527 bytes) Post.JPG (17948 bytes) Post Going.JPG (15878 bytes) Post Gone.JPG (16715 bytes)

This is a Team Event, the Timed Post Cutting Competition.

Bob Wells.jpg (17685 bytes) Lunch Time Darcy Peterson

Lots o' Fun is Had by All! (Bob Wells, the Lunch Bunch, and Darcy Peterson)

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