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Here are pictures of the NEW Truck 3

DSC00828.JPG (52288 bytes)
Our new Truck 3 arrived in November of 2000.
DSC00833.JPG (512149 bytes)
Mike Oberstar and Marc Pounds check out the new rig.
DSC00839.JPG (167486 bytes)
Setting up the ladder for the very first time! 
DSC00851.JPG (44122 bytes)
The ladder extends to 105' above the ground . . . that is a long ways up,
DSC00858.JPG (42193 bytes)
and a LONG ways down!
DSC03462.JPG (59441 bytes)
Checking the motor in front of the station.
DSC03465.JPG (46338 bytes)
David Neilson checks the oil. It's a BIG motor in there!
DSC03479.JPG (40103 bytes)
Setting up at the Training Center for water tower operation evolutions.
DSC03485.JPG (46930 bytes)
Ready to begin!
DSC03494.JPG (39950 bytes)
That's a lot of water.
DSC03518.JPG (38040 bytes)
Looking down at all the little people . . .

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