Cliff Victim Rescue Drill

From time to time we need to rescue people who are stuck on a cliff, high bank, or some other hard to reach place, so we practice a lot of different rope rescue methods.  Click on each picture for a larger version.

Park Site This is the site of one of our training exercises, Point Defiance Park. This is at the top of a high bank (STEEP) above the Puget Sound. Firefighter Mike Ferguson and Lt. Bill Evans are evaluating this location while firefighter Tony Caldwell lurks in the shadows.. Note the WARNING sign...
Calling1.jpg (13795 bytes) "Hello, 911?  I would like to report a missing person here at the cliff.  I dunno where he went, he was  just standing here a moment ago talking to my driver..."
Tony CaldwellTony Caldwell This is our VICTIM, firefighter Tony Caldwell. He will repel down the cliff for about 100', then ACT injured. He doesn't seem very happy to be leaving us!
Going Down These are firefighters Mike Ferguson and John McCullauf, who are about to go over the edge to rescue our "victim" below. They look pretty happy now, but wait till they finish packing Tony back up the cliff in that Stokes basket....
Hauling away This is the 5 to 1 hauling system used to raise the victim and two rescuers back up the cliff. The center line is the main haul, and the two outer lines are backup safety lines. Firefighters Tad Jackson, Tony Henderson, Rex Brown and Lt. Bill Evans are providing the muscles, while Lt. Bill Colwell is tending the two safety lines.
Back Up Our VICTIM Tony Caldwell is safe in the hands of firefighters Rex Brown and Tad Jackson. The tarp is used to keep dirt, rocks, and other debris from falling on the people below.

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