Tacoma Narrows Bridge Because we are called to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to perform rescue work, from auto accidents to attempted suicides, we have spend time getting familiar with the bridge from top to bottom.
Narrows Bridge image This is a picture of the latest traffic conditions on the bridge.  It comes from the DOT Bridge Cam.  There are other traffic cameras available through the DOT
At the Windsock This is the beginning of our first climb up from the bottom of the Narrows Bridge to the top by way of the support cables. It was a little windy that morning! The three happy climbers are my self, Tony Caldwell, and Bill Evans (The mighty crew of the Truck 3 B Shift).
Halfway Up Here we are about half way up the bridge. We are about 150' above the road way, and about 350' feet above the water here. It's not so bad if you keep your eyes CLOSED!
At the Top We finally made it to the top!
It's a Sunny Day Here we are on a different day. Bob Flett, Tony Caldwell and Darin Murphy.  The sun came out to make it a nice climb.

February 19, 1999

Here are some pictures from our February climb.   This was our officers first chance to climb the cable, and we also invited the Crew of Engine 13 to join us.  It just happened that this was the morning that the bridge was closed due to a bad accident on the east side...

These pictures are just the rough drafts that we took, in no particular order.  They will be cleaned up and labeled in the near future.  These were taken with the Sony Mavica digital camera.

Click on each one to see a full size picture.

Group Photo Our B Shift group photo!  Engine 13 and Ladder Truck 3 at the top of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Group Photo
Bill Colwell Bill Colwell, Engine 13 Officer Bill Colwell
Harold Kerns Harold Kerns, Engine 13 Driver
Larry Ellis Larry Ellis, Engine 13 Firefighter
Jim Lee and Harold Jim Lee (Truck 3 Officer) and Harold Kerns in the foreground, with Larry Ellis getting off the cable in the background.
Darin at the Top Darin Murphy, Truck 3 Driver. At the top of the bridge, on the air traffic warning light (left), and the top of the south side of the west tower (right). Darin Murphy
Tony Caldwell Tony Caldwell, Truck 3 Firefighter
Westbound Looking towards Tacoma from the top of the west tower.  The sun is out, but the road is still wet from an earlier shower.
Traveler On the TRAVELER, a trolley that traverses the entire length of the bridge from under the roadway.  This is used by the bridge workers for a maintaining the bridge. Under the Bridge
mvc-014f.jpg (60899 bytes) This is the FAMOUS blue pull box at the bridge.  If you see a fire, please stop and let us know!  (We will be right there)

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