Tacoma Fire Station 13

Pictures of our Station

Here are some assorted pictures from our fire station. Click on each picture for a larger version

Station 13 1911
This is a picture from the very early days of the station.  It was built in 1911.
Station 13 1930
This picture is from the 1930's.
Station 13 1998
This is a more recent picture (1990's).
Station 13 Front
This is the front of the station, showing Truck 3 ready for action.
 The Dayroom This is a portion of our dayroom.  Our station is nearly 90 years old, and it looks like it hasn't been cleaned for at least the last 80 years or so!  This is the truck desk.
The HIGH point of the day, Rolling for the Dinner Dishes!  (Mike Ferguson, Stan Chichinski, Tony Caldwell, Bill Evans, Jennifer Herren, Dean Guintoli)
Running for the Door
Everyone rushes when an alarm comes in!

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