Detroit Diesel Series 60 6 cylinder
4 stroke
Turbo Charged
129 cu in per cylinder
Horsepower 430hp @ 2100 rpm
Displacement 774cu in (12.7lt)
Allison HD4060P Transmission Electronically Controlled
4 Speed Automatic w/ Overdrive
Shifting RPMs 2100 RPM
Engine No Load Governed Speed 2225 RPM


Fluid Capacity Type
Fuel 50 gal Diesel
Chassis Engine Oil 41 qts 15w40 *Monograde oils should never be used
Chassis Engine Coolant 52 qts 50/50 *Do not use Sierra Anti-Freeze
Drive Axle Lubrication Fluid 41 pts 85w140
Pump Trans Lubrication Fluid 1 qt 80w90
Chassis Trans Fluid 51 qts Dex 3
Power Steering Fluid 4 qts Dex 3
Cab Tilt Mech Fluid 4 qts Dex 3
Equipment Rack Fluid 4 qts Dex 3
Pump Primer 4 qts Sierra Anti-Freeze
Batteries 6 12 volt
Alternator 290amp

Gauges Normal Operating Range Engine 13 Normal Range
Oil Pressure 35-45 psi 40-45psi
Voltage 13.8 - 14.2 volts 14.2 volts
Transmission Oil Temp 180-275 deg F 175-250 deg F
Air Pressure (Front And Rear) 90-120psi 120 psi
Water Temp 180-200 deg F 190 deg F
Converter Oil 170-200psi 180 psi
Vehicle Dimensions
Height 9' 6" Top of Deck Gun
9' Top Of Ladder Rack
Width 8' Body
10' 1" Mirror to Mirror
Ladder Rack Width when down 3' 6"
Length 30' 4"
Wheel Base 178"
Turning Radius 36'
Ground Clearance 9 3/4" Front Axle
Angle of Approach 14.9 deg
Angle of Departure 8.7 deg
Gross Vehicle Weight 43,800
Front Axle 20,000
Rear Axle 23,800
Tires Size Pressure
Front 425/65R22.5 125 psi cold
Rear 11R22.5 115 psi cold
Rockwell Air Actuated 4 Wheel Disc
Maxi Brake Locks wheels, 40 psi min to release
Aux Braking Jake Brake
Air Compressor on <100psi
off >125psi
Secondary Tank Fills 90 psi
Alarm Sounds 60psi

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