Engine Company 13

Engine Company 13 is located at Fire Station 13, North 25th and Proctor in Tacoma.

Here are some pictures of the B Shift crew (Bill Colwell, Harold Kerns, and Larry Ellis) at work and play...

Just Another Drill

During a recent multi-company drill, the Training Van suddenly erupted from within.   According to witnesses, a dry chemical extinguisher was activated while the van was in motion.  So far the suspects have been narrowed down to the driver and his passenger.  The Driver (Training Captain Gary Scheiz) claims innocence, and the passenger (Rescue Randy) continues to play dumb.

 MVC-003F.JPG (51584 bytes) Here the heroic crew (Harold Kerns and Larry Ellis) of the Mighty Engine 13 swing into action to save the doomed Training Van, which has fallen victim to a mysterious combination of potentially hazardous conditions with disastrous consequences...
MVC-001F.JPG (66041 bytes) Harold says "Honest, I had NOTHING to do with it!"
Ellis2.GIF (37082 bytes) Larry Ellis asks "It's dark, I'm tired, can we go home now?"

Foam Angels

The Brave Crew of Engine Company 13 practices with their new foam system, the AUTO CAFS (compressed air foam system)!  Remember folks, these are HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS, please don't try this at home...

 Snow Angel Snow Angel
Engine 13 B Shift Officer Bill Colwell at his best! (a real swinger)
Harold in the Foam
Bill Colwell is foaming at the mouth
Snow Angel Snow Angel Firefighter Larry Ellis really knows how to to that Snow Angel thing!  (he is single girls...)

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